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Master, Italy

Thermo Elements, Temperature Instruments

RTD’s  Pt-100 / Pt 1000 thermoresistors and temperature probes

(RTD / RTDs /Resistance Temperature Detectors) are sensors valued for their ability to detect temperatures in an accurate manner.  The selection of proper materials (Platinum, Nickel, Copper and Tungsten), and production techniques allows us to manufacture sensitive and reliable class A and class B RTDs.


Master manufactures a wide range of thermocouple sensors that are used in all industrial applications Our thermocouples are in accordance with specific international legislation that may be required for particular needs.

The choice of the ideal thermocouple depends on two fundamental principles:

  • Range of working temperatures.
  • Working environment in which sensors shall function.

Types of Thermocouples

  • Type K thermocouples (Chromel (Ni-Cr) (+)/Alumel (Ni-Al) (-))
  • Type J thermocouples (Iron (+)/Constantan (Cu-Ni) (-))
  • Type T thermocouples (copper (+)/constantan (-))
  • Type E thermocouples (Chromel (+)/Costantana (-))
  • Type N thermocouples (Nicrosil (Ni-Cr-Si) (+)/Nisil (Ni-Si) (-))
  • Type B thermocouples (platinum - 30% rhodium (+)/platinum-6% rhodium (-))
  • Type S thermocouples (platinum - 10% rhodium (+)/platinum (-)) 
  • B, R, S thermocouples are all made of noble metals and have similar features.  These are among the most stable thermocouples, but their lower sensitivity (10 µV/°C) makes them suited for high temperatures (>300°C).
  • Ceramic insulators and sheaths
  • Compensated wires
  • “Integral Thermocouples” with MgO insulation and outer metallic sheath
  • Miniature thermocouples: small but potent etc.