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Steam Equipments, Singapore

Sampling Systems, Liquid Analysers, Gas Analysers

Manufacturing, designing distribution and development of high quality precise Analytical Instrumentation, Sample handling systems and Shelter Houses.

The product ranges include

  • Steam & Water Analysis system along with the analyzers (SWAS)
  • Gas Sampling Systems, Steam Tracing Systems
  • Cooling Systems ( Chillers, Rectifier Cooling systems)
  • Sample coolers (shell & Tube Type & Coil - In-Coil Type)
  • High pressure sample filters
  • Pressure Reducers (Diaphragm type, Piston Type, Rod-In-Tube Type)
  • Back pressure regulators
  • Cation Columns (Resin Columns)
  • Pressure reducing stations & De-Superheating Stations (PRS & PRDSH)
  • Automatic Blowdown Control Systems
  • Sampling Probes, Multi-Valve Manifolds (5 valve, 3 valve, 2 valve,), High Pressure valves & Double Compression ferrule fittings (Steamlok)
  • Sample Sequencers (Micro-Processor based for Silica Analysers & Sodium Analysers)
  • Local Instrument Racks & Enclosures (LIE/LIR's)